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Esquina Carlos Gardel

Tango Show in Buenos Aires

Enjoy an unforgettable night with a real Tango Show of Buenos Aires

At the corner of the alley named after Carlos Gardel and Anchorena street, next to a statue that immortalizes the most famous tango singer, there used to be a restaurant that was the gathering place for the colorful characters of the popular market of Buenos Aires.

More than 100 years later, as if by magic, the story comes back into life.
Each corner of Buenos Aires is edged with tango; however, only on of them is at its leading edge.

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Carlos gardel

The Voice, the Singer, his smile & the Esquina Carlos Gardel

Carlos Gardel’s birthplace and birthday are still a matter o debate among historians and researchers. Two surmises are suggested, December 11th 1887 in the city of Tacuarembó, Uruguay, and December 11th 1890 in Toulouse, France.

Since his childhood he enjoyed singing. In an interview he said his aim was to sing popular music. When he started his career as a singer, his inspiration were “payadores”, gaucho minstrels from the area of Rio de la Plata.


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