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Tango Show Testimonials

What people says about Esquina Carlos Gardel Tango Show in Buenos Aires

We took the full monty deal with hotel pick-up, dinner and show for about 500 or so Argentinian Pesos. The hotel pick-up was good service (it was written on his shirt, "Good Service"!), and considering we had to cross some pretty dodgy areas to get to the show, it was nice that it was taken care of. In opposition to a lot of the other reviewers, we thought the food was great. 3-4 options for entre and main, and the speed of service was incredibly prompt. One of the people in our group had arguably their favourite steak of their trip in Argentina. Unfortunately the chatter about the wines is true - it was pretty cheap rubbish, and worse, they turned the tap off during the show. The auditorium was clean and grand, and the standard of dancing for the untrained eye was fantastic, plenty of young talent and even an elder couple showing how it is done. A great introduction to Tango.

by Myles D in TripAdvisor

We went to this show a couple of years ago while visiting Buenos Aires. We had a great time and wonderful seats. Best empanadas I've had in a long time too. I would recommend this show to anyone who likes tango or is interested in a cultural evening out. We enjoyed it even more after visiting La Boca earlier in the day.

by AMA0123 in TripAdvisor

I only booked this tour out of duty, as I was visiting Buenos Aires, and everyone suggested I should see a tango show. I have no interest in dancing whatsoever, so I wasn't really expecting much. As a result, this tour was one of the best things I have done on my holiday. The atmosphere is wonderful, the dancing sensational and the meal was very enjoyable. I am very happy I did this now. Some people may tout this as a tourist trap, but I don't care - all I know is that I was hugely entertained, and it was a highlight of my visit to Buenos Aires.

by zodiac6573 in TripAdvisor

I've seen a lot of reviews calling this place "touristy", but all tango shows are touristy - locals don't go to these places often. With that being said, this is easily the best tango show I've seen. It doesn't have horses or fireworks or people singing "New York, New York"; it's pure tango, both music and dance. The orchestra is spectacular, the singers are great and the dancers are sublime - you know you hit jackpot when you can listen to a tango by Astor Piazzolla. Yes, the food could be better, but I wouldn't recommend eating somewhere else and coming in for the show only. Eat here, drink all the wine you can, learn a little bit more about tango (there's a movie before the show, telling all about tango, Carlos Gardel, etc) and enjoy the show. If you want to know how tango is really danced, played and sung, this is the place for you.

by simone_carmona in TripAdvisor

Not knowing what to expect, we left truly amazed. We were seated in the balcony area with a great view of the stage. The food was outstanding! We strayed from the steak that night and went with the seafood - salmon - and were not disappointed. The show was just was equally as good. The musicians and dancers were as professional as they get. It was like watching an episode of DWTS - a solid hour of non-stop dancing. This is definitely a must see if you're in the area.

by Wisconsin4Us in TripAdvisor